From full-service data management and administration, to small, temporary projects such as event and conference administrative support, we’ll find a solution to your fundraising and data management challenges.

Full-Service Database administration

Our signature service focused on smaller nonprofits with limited staff capacity, we function as your part-time data manager. We handle the day-to-day database maintenance, building processes that will use your donor information to build a strategic, successful individual fundraising plans.

Individual Giving Roadmap

This is a quick and easy first step. We’ll dig into your donor data, take inventory, and answer questions critical to your fundraising. You’ll get all the information in an easy-to-read donor inventory report to help you understand where to focus, which donors need attention, and ways to improve your donor management for data-driven fundraising.

Database Tune-up

Limited staff time to focus on your database management? Has your data crept slowly out-of-control? We’ll clean it up and get you back on track.